Decanter Bottle Stickers

Decanter Panel Tasting and Recommends bottle stickers may only be purchased and used by Decanter-awarded wines. When buying and using Decanter bottle stickers, you must ensure they relate to the correct tasting, points and vintage of the scored wine. See our brand guidelines here.

Please note:

  • Decanter Panel Tasting and Recommends bottle stickers can take up to two weeks to produce and dispatch, although this is subject to availability* and flights. *Bottle stickers with points have a production lead time of two weeks.

  • Duty and Customs charges: All promotional material is given a nominal value in order to avoid customs and duty charges where possible. However, since Brexit, duty and customs fees are often charged by the receiving country; the purchaser is liable for these.

Decanter Panel Tasting Bottle Stickers

Decanter Recommends Bottle Stickers