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DWWA 2023 award winners tasting at ProWine Shanghai

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This is a mandatory step. You can find your WINE ID by logging into your Decanter Awards account. Please note it is essential that you use the correct WINE ID so that we can identify your wine and print the correct wine details in our catalogue.

Promote your award-winning wines at the leading trade fair in Mainland China

Decanter will be at ProWine Shanghai this 8-10 November with a stand to showcase a selection of award-winning wines from the Decanter World Wine Awards 2023.

As part of DWWA's promotional opportunities, all DWWA 2023 medal winners (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Best in Show) are invited to have their wines showcased on the Decanter stand, free of charge

Please note: You may register more than one award-winning wine. Decanter will showcase your wine/s for you - you do not need to attend the trade fair. Please note the number of sample bottles required, shipping details and deadlines below and confirm your wines will arrive in time before registering.

Cost to participate: Free
Spaces available: 15
Open to: DWWA 2023 medal winners (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Best in Show)
Bottles needed: 6-8 bottles per wine (see below for more details)
At checkout, please only select a quantity of 1 when adding to the cart if you would like to register one wine and so on
Registration deadline: 29 September 2023


For wines being shipped from outside Mainland China


    • Registration deadline: 29 September 2023
    • Digital copy of documents submission: 9 October 2023
    • Original documents sent to Shanghai deadline: 14 October 2023
    • Wine delivery window to Hong Kong: 9-11 October 2023

    Number of bottles required:

    • 6 bottles per 75cl bottle (includes 2 bottles required for quarantine checking)
    • 8 bottles per 37.5cl bottle (includes 2 bottles required for quarantine checking)

    Shipping instructions

    Wine samples need to be sent to Hong Kong, whilst customs clearance documents need to be sent to Shanghai.

    Please click to download the Wine Delivery Instruction for Overseas Shipping and the Combined Commercial Invoice & Packing List.

    Customs Charges & Insurance of wine: All duty, shipping costs and taxes must be prepaid by the submitter of the samples. 

    Wines must be Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). Please liaise with your courier or local shipper for advice on how to complete the paperwork and process payments of any shipping costs.

    Wines cannot be accepted by our logistic partner, APT Showfreight, if the charges associated with shipping have not been paid. The Submitters will bear any penalty and additional cost incurred from non-compliance with the declaration requirement in China.

        For wines being shipped from within in Mainland China


          • Registration deadline: 29 September 2023
          • Wine delivery window to Shanghai: 20 - 31 October 2023 (9.00-17.00 Monday to Friday only)

          Number of bottles required:

          • 4 bottles per 75cl bottle
          • 6 bottles per 37.5cl bottle

          Shipping instructions

          Please click to download the Wine Delivery Instruction for Local Delivery and the Cargo Entry Form.


          Please ensure you send the correct wine and vintage for the WINE ID you have supplied. Wines will not be showcased if the wrong wine or vintage is received.

          Wine samples will be stored and transported in temperature temperature-controlled environment to maintain the quality of the wines.